Make StumbleUpon work for your business

Make StumbleUpon work for your business

Summary: Ever stumbled across StumbleUpon and wondered what it is, who uses it and why? Read this article and you will be fully clued up on how to start your StumbleUpon journey.

Stumble upon logoStumbleUpon opens up whole new markets that you may never have previously connected too. It has over 11 million users – yes, more than double its social networking counterpart Facebook. StumbleUpon has been slowly gaining momentum and users since its birth back in 2001.

So what is StumbleUpon?  This social site enables you to discover and share web pages, videos and photos. When users, referred to as ‘stumblers’, stumble pages, they are shared by like-minded stumblers.  If they then like the page that has been shared, they also ‘stumble’ the page – the stumble train just goes on and on.

Guide to using StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is pretty simple to use once you know how and why the main elements work.

Signing up

Sign up for an account on StumbleUpon by going to and selecting sign up.

Tip – From a business point of view I would say it is better to have an account in an employee’s name and stumble company pages as well as other pages/photos that are of interest – these could be websites about their favorite bands, sport, favourite articles they have read, etc.  Otherwise, your activities may be considered ‘commercial spamming’ and your account may be closed.  It’s a good idea to have a read of StumbleUpon’s community rules before you get started.

Stumbling and reviewing other content regularly also seems to get you more stumbles.  If you’re less active, you’ll see less results for your content.

Creating a profile

Go to the StumbleUpon website ( and follow the steps to creating an account. There’s an example of the sign up screen below.

Stumbleupon sign up screen

When you have created your account, you need to create your profile. To create your profile, go to settings then account settings. In account settings you will see you need to fill out personal information i.e. name, location, etc – and you will also find your username and email in this section.

Still in settings, you will see ‘customise profile’ – this is where you can change the colour of your profile and add other information about you and things you like, i.e. music.

Also within setting, you can manage your interests. These are the categories that StumbleUpon places your stumbles in to. StumbleUpon shows you information from other like minded users who stumble pages of interest from the same category. You don’t set these up, StumbleUpon automatically sets them when you start stumbling pages. When your stumbles are placed in categories, this is how they potentially get seen by other users who also like the same category.

Using the Stumble bar

When you sign up to StumbleUpon you get the option to download/install the stumble bar. I would strongly suggest you do this, as it makes it a lot easier to stumble posts without going to the StumbleUpon website.

Stumble bar

The image above is StumbleUpon’s stumble bar – from here, you can like or dislike web pages, blog posts, photos etc by clicking on the thumbs up or down icons.


When stumbling your favourite websites, web pages, video, photos you like etc, as said before, the quickest and easiest way is to use the stumble bar. In some cases you can stumble blog posts and web pages from the website you are on if the web page in question has social media links or social media share bar.

Social media share bar

The example above is a really good social media share bar – as you can see, the second on the list is StumbleUpon – so when you click on it takes you to a login section and when you have entered your password it enables you to stumble the page or article.

Consider using  a shortened url tool like which allows you to post to StumbleUpon, Facebook and Twitter all in one go.


Start following like-minded people, people who are interested the same subjects, topics and markets as you.

How do you find them? Follow your favourite categories, e.g. Motorsport, SEO, Internet, Fashion, etc. Follow people who like the same posts as you. Only follow fellow stumblers when you like their previous stumble because there is a maximum amount of stumblers you can follow (capped at 500 members).


Do you want followers? Yes! Remember, posts that are stumbled need to contain great content and information that the user will find useful.  You’ll also get better results from coming up with eye catching and intriguing titles – you need to stand out from the millions of others. When you get followers who like your stumbles, your posts get wide coverage and spread faster. This is a great way to get more traffic to your website and the increase in traffic can also help your rankings in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Another good tip is to not only stumble your content but also give it a review – this will get you more stumbles than just stumbling it alone.

…and finally…..

Remember when creating a StumbleUpon account that it is better to have the account set up in a person’s name rather than the company name. Stumble any web pages of interest, not just company posts.

StumbleUpon provides a company with lots of opportunities to gain more traffic to their website.

Time to get stumbling … happy stumbling 🙂

About Zoe Short:

Zoe Short is our social media spy, always lurking around the Internet hunting for the next big thing in social media. Coming from a PR and marketing background, Zoe is a strong believer in reputation.

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