Copywriting and Branding: Words That Form the Voice of Your Company

Copywriting and Branding: Words That Form the Voice of Your Company

Brands most often seem to send messages about the attributes of their company through visual images. The Nike “swish” and the McDonalds’ logo, along with the corporate identity of numerous other well-known brands, are an instant and strong way to create an emotional connection with customers.
Words that form the voice
And, while the world as a whole still responds to the visual brand strategies of logos, there is a new movement that seeks information and knowledge as a more credible way to make this same connection. Beyond emotion, consumers want proof and intelligence – they want content that is authentic and helpful. Suddenly, copywriting has a new life.

A Renaissance in Copywriting
Copywriting used to be the gem of the marketing world. Ad copy was analysed and re-written. Then, suddenly, everything about a company was about the visual representation with writing being shifted down the ladder of respect.

The Internet has changed the perspective in terms of the importance of copywriting seemingly overnight. But, it’s been a long time brewing. At first – and sometimes still – copywriting for website content and other online mediums was bought by pennies per word. Companies thought it didn’t matter what the content on the Web said; they just had to be there. Not anymore. Consumers are looking for insightful information they can use in their lives to make decisions.

If companies don’t take the time to deliver quality copywriting and the consumer sees empty messages, the brand message the consumer gets is that these companies don’t offer them anything. The message: Take the time to use copywriting as a way to provide value and consumers will conclude that your products and services have the value they seek.

Online Copywriting Drives Two-Way Communication
Online copywriting in the form of social media writing is driving a channel of two-way communication between companies and consumers. Businesses no longer tell customers; they now ask customers. Social media has provided a new way to share brand messages as well as gather information from consumers about the attributes they seek.

Companies now see the value of having celebrities Tweet about products, providing the copywriting script for these short messages. Blogs are set up with regular updates from copywriting specialists who understand how to weave brand messages within the content they are providing to customers that informs, enquires, and entertains. Social media campaigns with scripted YouTube videos and creative surveys posted on Facebook all illustrate how online copywriting has changed the transmittal of brand messages.

Developing Company Voices with Copywriting Strategies
Regular use of copywriting strategies can develop the voice of a company that can work in harmony with and reinforce the visual branding strategies used in the form of a logo. The most effective strategies include creating a unique and consistent voice that matches your intended brand attributes. Just remember that every bit of your copywriting represents your company so it should be accurate, original, and valuable to your audience.

Companies like Angel Copywriting exist to help you develop your company voice so that you can send the brand messages that win and retain customers. Our job is to adopt your values and attributes and leverage copywriting talent to amplify your voice through traditional, online, and social media channels.

About Nina Gass:

Nina Gass is a writer, editor, and ghost author for the likes of Orbitz, Wal-Mart, Idea Launch and KMGi. Her areas of expertise include social media marketing, SEO, and online writing techniques.

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