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"Nottingham-based Angel Digital has a proven track record for getting impressive results".

Are you a Nottingham-based business, looking for help expanding your customer base? Do you want an increased online presence? Are you concerned about spending money on search engine optimisation without seeing a real return on investment?

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Many Nottingham businesses share your goals, objectives and concerns. Search engine optimisation can seem like a rather vague concept. Plenty of companies make wild promises of great returns and charge huge fees, without really committing to anything past 'optimising your site'. So should you be considering spending money on search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation helps people find you.

Imagine you had a shop but nobody knew where it was or how to get in touch with you. How well would your business do? Not great.

Having a website that people can't find is similar. The main way your potential customers are looking for products and services is via search engines. If you're not ranked well in the search engines, they won't find you - they'll find your competitors who are.

Alternatives to SEO rarely perform as well.

Are there alternatives to search engine optimisation? Sure. Plenty. But few if any that present the value, or opportunity, that search engine optimisation offers you. Take magazines for example. You could spend a couple of thousand putting a nice glossy ad in a magazine and sit back and wait. But how effective will that be?

Let's compare like for like, search engine optimisation v magazine. With your magazine, you're limited to people who buy or read the magazine (be careful about 'distribution rates' because distribution isn't the same as readership). You're also limited further by who spots the ad. It's possible only a third of those who actually read the mag will even notice it.

To make things worse, your reader is likely relaxing, not shopping. So they're not looking to buy. Wrong moment. In terms of value for money, you'll not only pay more for a wider distribution, but you'll pay every time a new issue is printed. Expensive... and risky.

Search engine optimisation can offer a great ROI.

Now let's look at search engine optimisation. If you're well ranked in the search engines, there's no limit to the amount of people who will find your website. (You can see how many people are searching for a particular term using Google Keyword Tool to get an idea of your potential market). When they're looking for something specific, they're almost certainly in the mood for buying. Right moment. Unlimited exposure. Great value.

Not all search engine optimisation companies are the same.

Even if you're convinced that search engine optimisation is the way to go for your business, you need to make sure you're working with the right search engine optimisation company. Naturally, we'd recommend Angel! But whoever you decide to work with, we've put together some fundamental guidance to choosing a company that can deliver results for you.

We recommend you look for an search engine optimisation company that:

  • Can show you proven results from previous clients.
  • Delivers specialist search engine optimisation services primarily (not web design).
  • Can offer you other solutions for online marketing.
  • Offers realistic, achievable guarantees.
  • Supports their guarantees with a fair refund policy.
  • Doesn't promise a number one spot (why?)

If you decide to use another Nottingham search engine optimisation or national search engine optimisation company, we offer a free service where we review their proposal for you and let you know if you're getting good value for money.

Why choose Angel for SEO in Nottingham?

  • We're Nottingham based so ideally located to visit you (if you want us to).
  • We don't tie you in to a fixed term contract.
  • We offer a wide range of complimentary services if you need them.
  • Our search engine optimisation experts have been doing this a long time and are, well, great at it.
  • We've got start up packages for new businesses.
  • We've got referral opportunities that allow you to make back what you've spent.

We're here to help, whether you use us or not.

Don't forget, we have many free services to help you grow and succeed - why not ask for a free review of your website? We'll look over the site and create an search engine optimisation action plan for you. Then, you can either:

  • Use our services;
  • Take our ideas to another company; or
  • Do the work yourself!

Why do we do that? It's because at Angel, we're more interested in building great relationships with like minded people. So take advantage of our services, without obligation, and see how we can help you develop your Nottingham business to its full potential on the web.

To find out more about our SEO Nottingham services please email us, and a search engine optimisation specialist will be more than happy to talk to you about your needs and requirements.

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